While Schwartz, Woods & Miller represents many commercial broadcasters, we also have special expertise in public broadcasting. We represent a broad cross-section of the public broadcasting community, including state agencies, tax-exempt community groups, private and public colleges and universities, and school boards. We follow public broadcasting matters very closely and stay up on industry trends and developments. We attend and speak at many industry gatherings, including regular speaking engagements at conferences of the National Educational Telecommunications Association, the Public Media Business Association, American Public Television, the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, and other groups.

In addition to the regular communications law and program production and distribution services we offer to all clients, we provide legal assistance with the special issues that face public broadcasters. Those issues include, for example, underwriting rule compliance and sponsorship agreements, application of the copyright compulsory and blanket licenses to program production, “fair use” copyright guidance, application of industry online streaming agreements, and special application of the FCC’s public file, political broadcasting, and ownership reporting rules.

We are working closely with our public television clients on matters involving the FCC’s plans for repacking of the UHF band and the coming reverse spectrum auction.

Our firm also assists public broadcasters in interpretation of and compliance with Corporation for Public Broadcasting certification and grant eligibility requirements, including open meetings, open financial records, Community Advisory Board, EEO/diversity, and information that must be posted to the web.

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