Schwartz, Woods & Miller works with noncommercial and for-profit producers on program production and distribution. We draft and negotiate production and co-production agreements, funding and underwriting contracts, host and other talent agreements, releases, rights clearances, merchandise agreements, FCC sponsorship and payola rules, editorial integrity guidelines, and industry regulatory policy issues.

We advise on avoidance of legal issues in the selection of program titles and on protection of titles through federal registration of service marks and trademarks for the titles of program series. Our service in these areas has evolved to include advice regarding intellectual property rights in today’s environment where many cutting-edge issues involve new media. We have been active in protecting the rights of clients against unauthorized web use of their intellectual property and in counseling clients on clearances and distribution agreements for new media.

We also work with our clients on ancillary program distribution and derivative works, including home video distribution and book deals.

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